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Zack Batsaikhan

Co-Founder and CEO @BatuDigital. Creative Director.

Zack batsaikhan

Designing Everywhere

Batzaya aka Zack is a creative director with a focus on user experience, product design, and digital marketing. His work is heavily influenced by past travels, music, urban streets, cubism, photography, and random moments of life. He is interested in everything creative and does anything on the side that he can get his paws into.

Zack is the Co-Founder and CEO of @BatuDigital and @nobileHQ, and worked as the VP of Creative at The New Media Group, and recently earned his Master's degree from ISU. He is also an entrepreneur, street photographer, filmmaker, adventurist, global nomad, Fulbright Scholar, writer, activist, and son.

He notes, "My approach to being an artist in society is that things you do should have a really big impact. And for me, it's not really worth it unless that's the case."

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He developed an interest in photography at a young age but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he decided to get serious. Although he enjoys every genre of photography, Zack is particularly interested in street and social documentary photography. He's been working on a long-term street photography project since 2013 and it's soon to be shared.

One Big Street or Flickr


One of his most ambitious goals is to direct a full-length feature film. He has made three short-films, and always insanely hungry for film ideas to put down in his notebook.

Watch his short "Never Let You Go"


He is currently working on a super secret stealth project. Since August 2013, he has been translating the Magnus Opus of a Nobel Peace Prize winning author and activist, and hoping to get it published before 2015 for Mongolian readers.

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